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The Fairfield Historic District Association is a grass-roots organization created by a small group of neighbors living in and around the 1000 block of Dalzell Street. This group of individuals shared a love of the Fairfield Historic District, an appreciation of its history, and a desire to breathe new life into the district as it begins its second century.

The FHDA is a not-for-profit corporation which aims to enhance the quality of life of those working and residing in its boundaries. This goal will be achieved through:

  • Beautification, with initiatives ranging from neighborhood cleanups and the creation of public green spaces to the acquisition and repurposing of adjudicated lands within the district;
  • Education, of homeowners wishing to benefit from their homes’ status as a historically significant structure, of renters to their rights, of landlords to their responsibilities, of students to the value of community revitalization, of all to the historical and cultural significance of the Fairfield Historic District;
  • Engagement, with neighbors, local/state politicians, film-makers, other local non-profit organizations, commercial enterprises, private developers, and especially with those looking for a unique, enchanting, and diverse place to call home.